International Ministries

Haiti, Jerusalem, and Livestock

February 15, 2017 Journal
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On January 20, a team of 5 people left for Haiti on what was a trip to treat livestock in 10 locations around the Northern Haiti Christian University and train selected Haitian university agricultural students how to treat livestock and give classes to additional students. Going on the trip were Mike the Veterinarian and Biology teacher at Whitworth University, Emily a pre-vet Student and third trip volunteer, Kevin a former student training to be a veterinarian (his second trip), Dale a brother-in-law who was a great help in documenting the trip and Gene who is former missionary, a facilitator for the team.

We went with the intention of treating livestock and in the process continue training 3 students we have been working with for three years. As we talked with the Dean of Agriculture he informed us that we would have three additional students, two of them female. The thought came to me that perhaps Emily’s example caused them to choose to work with livestock. Training new students was not in our plan but we consented. During the week God blessed us with good weather and things went smoothly. We treated fewer animals than we anticipate but still treated over 1,000 head of cattle, goat and pigs. Two of the old students helped the American team in training the new students. By the end of the week the three new students were treating a few animals with supervision. Often the new students worked as a team, one getting the weight, a second calculating the dose, the third giving the injection. There is much to be learned but I was amazed at the progress that was made in their training

In the class room we had a large increase in the number of students. In the past three session we have had a 10 or 15 students that came to the formal classes. We have been asked for certificates which we have not done in the past. The word got out and we had 50 students the first day and well over 60 the second day and for the rest of the week. Friday was devoted to demonstrations in the field. One of those students we named “Miss Question.” She asked lots of good questions. She joined us for the practical work with the other three students the last two days. We told the Dean we would continue to work with all four of those students on the next trip.

Pray for the July trip that we can co-ordinate treatment and tweak how we work intensively with the old students and the new students. Emily is praying about going again but needs guidance on finances and the process of applying for vet school. I believe she is a real inspiration to the young women of Haiti, opening their vision in various ways.

A lot of people have asked me about the men’s dormitory, Jerusalem. The roof is on as we have committed to do. Several people have asked me what is going on. The roof is one. Doors and windows have been installed. The walls are plastered. The plan for the interior of those have been modified to include a bathroom at the back end of the room. Two of the rooms are reserved for students working on master’s degrees (5 or six students to a room). Two are for professors who come to campus to teach. The other two are for undergraduate students. All of the rooms need painting. I have asked the maintenance man to provide an estimate as to what it will cost to finish the rooms.

Several people who have seen the slides of the finished roof have asked, “What is that rebar sticking out on top of the roof. We were informed that the administration would like to have an area with a metal roof where students could go for recreation and study other than in their rooms. There are 5 or 6 students in a 10-foot by 20-foot room. That is where they sleep, study and relax. There will be a wall around the recreation area but mostly open for air to circulate.

P.S. We could use some more teachers for the English camp the first of July. We would be glad to talk to individuals or groups who want more information.