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Dôra’s Letter, and More News

June 11, 2008 Journal
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Dôra's Letter of Encouragement to Next Year's English Students

[Dear Friends: as we mentioned in our April newsletter, at the end of their month-long intensive English for Mission course our students write a letter of encouragement (in Portuguese) to the students in next year's course. We decided to translate this one into English. Perhaps you are going through a time of frustration and discouragement right now. If so, these words written by Dôra are especially for you!]


Dear New Students:

The experience that we go through here at JAMI isn't very easy since everything is new to those of us who are getting ready to answer the call of the Lord. But by His grace we are learning day by day how to overcome every obstacle, and so we walk in the way of the call that He has given to each one of us.

Dôra (left) listens in class

In the same way English was a great challenge for me, because up to the time I came here I was very reluctant to learn this language. I came with the complete conviction that I wouldn't learn anything, especially considering the short space of time available.

Because of the patience, effort and dedication of Ann and Bruce we experienced miracles when we saw how we were able to overcome every one of our difficulties. Today I see that the presence of  these "Angels of the Lord" are like Precious Pearls put in our paths to help us on that journey, giving us the understanding we need not only to comprehend a new language but also to get a new perspective on life.

They were so dedicated that they made the effort to bring into our midst four people who made a significant contribution, each in their time. Thomas, a fantastic figure who served as an example to each one of us through his energy, love, dedication and joy. Gabriel, Larisa and Raquel also left their marks on our journey, contributing to our learning with love and dedication.

I want to say to each one of you that everything happens for our growth, and if you are committed to the Lord know that if He called you He will be in control of all things. Therefore, be confident, look to the Cross and remember that He paid the price that you and I could never be able to pay. Don't look at circumstances! Remember that a gemstone found in a rock and needs to be cleaned, purified and polished in order to become a jewel, and that YOU are the jewel that the Lord chose to accomplish His work.

May the Lord continue using Ann and Bruce with Grace and Wisdom, may you in particular be persistent, and in moments of difficulty may you remember: "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." (Hebrews 12:11)

Best wishes,

Maria Auxiliadora ("Dôra") 

Ministry and family updates

Everyone enjoyed the Vida Missionária (Missionary Life) course we taught in April (see photo).  Our students reflected on their lives and discovered God's fingerprints in the midst of discouragement as well as victory.  We worked on conflict management skills, cross-cultural  sensitivity, multi-cultural teamwork, how to deal with culture shock and adaptation, maintaining
sexual purity, and how to write an effective ministry newsletter.


In one exercise, we compared values across 4 cultures – there were surprises!


Almost 100 people participated in JAMI’s Consulta Missionária (Mission Consultation) in early May.  In one small group discussion, we discovered that 7 of the 11 members sense God’s call to serve as cross-cultural missionaries.  Amazing!


What a joy it was to celebrate Elena and Mark’s marriage at the end of May along with family and friends at Camp Arrah Wanna near Mt. Hood in Oregon. 

We are so glad that you are with us in this ministry.

Que o Senhor te fortaleça e conduza (May the Lord strengthen and guide you),

Ann, Bruce, and Asa

Belo  Horizonte, MG, Brazil