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World cup fever

June 25, 2014 Journal
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    The eyes and ears of the world are on the world cup. Here at Kikongo, cheers go up at all hours of the night as the youth follow the soccer games. With help from churches, individuals and youth groups, we were able to get a hold of 60 soccer balls. This is an area where schools have no sports equipment, but nearly every village has a soccer field. Nearly all of the soccer balls in the villages have been either locally made, often with plastic bags tied together, or very cheap imitation bought in the city that don’t hold up to even one practice. To be in possession of a real quality soccer ball is an awesome treat !
      We call it “soccer ball diplomacy”. We have been distributing soccer balls mainly to villages with established churches. This country has experienced a lot of unrest over the years. It is good to be in good favor with the youth, since they present our best defense in case of trouble.
      The eyes and ears of the villagers are in the air too. Since I don’t have the time to get to many villages these days, I have been using my amazing flying machine to distribute some of the soccer balls. Imagine the excitement when an ultra-light appears overhead, and drops a brand new soccer ball right on the field.
 Thank you for all who helped to make this World Cup a festive time even in rural Africa.