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Surprised when friends work together

March 29, 2008 Story


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Have you ever been surprised by someone?I don’t mean have you ever been scared or had
someone jump out to surprise you.Has
someone done something or said something that you didn’t expect?Did they tell you something new or do
something different?Have you ever been
surprised by God?

Friends can also surprise everyone by working together.
Think of the four friends who took the man who could not walk to see
Jesus.It took all of them lifting,
pulling and digging together to get the job done. God wants us to work with
other people.He calls us to serve in a
team of people.A group of people all
serving God together can do amazing things, BIG deeds!

3 Four of those who came were
carrying a man who could not walk. 4 But they could not get him close to Jesus
because of the crowd. So they made a hole in the roof above Jesus. Then they
lowered the man through it on a mat. 5 Jesus saw their faith. So he said to the
man, "Son, your sins are forgiven. ... Then Jesus spoke to the man who
could not walk. 11 "I tell you," he said, "get up. Take your mat
and go home."12 The man got up and
took his mat. Then he walked away while everyone watched. All the people were
amazed. They praised God and said, "We have never seen anything like this!"

(Mark 2:3-5, 10b-12 NIRV)

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