International Ministries

Getting ready for Mexico

February 5, 2008 Journal

Dear Friends,

Shawverfeb12008 is the year that Ramona and Chuck return to Mexico. Thank you. We are excited and humbled by the love and generosity that has been shown by so many churches and individuals. As of Jan. 1 we have been reappointed by American Baptist International Ministries, and are now making plans for our re-commissioning in early May. God is good!

Our new assignment is with the Baptist Seminary of Mexico, located in Mexico City. We have been asked to enhance and expand the Seminary’s distance and extension pastor training programs. We will be based at the seminary but most of our work will be in the field, serving both the urban satellite centers and the rural churches in southeastern Mexico. This will involve developing and adapting teaching materials, organizing, presenting, and coordinating ongoing educational events. In addition, Ramona will be supervising the pastoral work of resident seminary students and possibly offering English classes.

In February we will meet with colleagues in Mexico City in preparation for our permanent relocation. This will enable us to begin preparations even as we wrap up travel commitments and close down our US home. With our first round of workshops ready to go, we can hit the ground running in early May and visit most of the extension centers before summer and heavy rains. Anna, our youngest, is expecting her first baby in late June and has exacted a pledge from her mom to be by her side. Ramona, of course would be nowhere else!

We have a lot to do. Our support teams have come together and are greatly encouraging. We enjoyed two days in Valley Forge recently at the offices of International Ministries. The staff is kind, competent and deeply committed…we were blessed and inspired! We will be on the road much of the time through the end of April. Our late February trip to Mexico will overlap into early March to be with a Mission Team from Southern Illinois that will arrive on March 8. In between travel we are trying to finish up house improvement projects so we can leave our home in good shape. A friend is helping us search for an appropriate vehicle for Mexico.

Thank you for your prayers. Vek Nuh, the young pastor from Nagaland India continues on dialysis but his visa extension denial is being reconsidered by Homeland Security. That is a miracle. He needs several!

Shawverfeb2Keep praying for Vek and for all the details that go with a major move for us…including a good home for Obi and Mellie, our pets. As our nation faces major issues and leadership changes, join us in praying that God would move us to choose leaders and support policies that will serve His purposes in this world. Pray for a just and right resolution to the crisis of undocumented workers in the US. We pray for you and are grateful for your friendship and partnership in ministry. Blessings!

Ramona and Chuck