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238 Yanadis Baptized and 8 New Church Buildings Constructed

September 18, 2013 Journal
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Rev. Rufus Kamalakar, Director of the Abundant Life Ministries Associates (ALMA), visited the International Ministries (IM) office at Valley Forge on September 16, 2013. He shared the exciting news that in the past eight months, 238 new Yanadi believers received baptism and eight new church buildings were constructed. 


ALMA was found in 1984 to bring holistic transformation to the Yanadi people in South India. There are more over 400,000 Yanadi people who live in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Yanadis belong to the low caste and make a living by providing daily labor, or through simple hunting and fishing.


Rufus’ father, the late Rev. C. Kamalakar and the founder of the ministry, successful developed a team of Yanadi pastors/ evangelists* to evangelize the Yanadi people, and helped them to improve their medical, educational and economic conditions. In the past 30 years, they have reached out to more than 410 Yanadi villages, and have established more than 300 churches through the tireless effort of the evangelistic team which is made up of Telugu pastors and 169 (newest figure) Yanadi pastors/ evangelists.


ALMA runs a nutrition program that feeds 900 women and children every day. ALMA also runs a literary program, medical camps, and two orphanages. Working with IM and the AB World Relief Office, ALMA built 100 houses for Tsunami victims, and continues to help the victims to improve their livelihood. IM has supported ALMA since its formation. In recent years, IM has focused our support to the training of youth and women leaders, and the support of the Yanadi pastors/ evangelists.  Please pray for Rufus and ALMA, especially for their vision to help Yanadi children and youth to receive better education.


* ALMA prefers to call their pastors “evangelists” because although they handle church ministry, they spend most of their time and effort “in motion” to share the gospel with Yanadi people who are yet to know Jesus Christ.

Dr. Benjamin Chan is an area director at International Ministries.  He relates to international partners and missionaries in East Asia, India, Hong Kong and China.