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Dreaming for the Congo

September 18, 2013 Journal
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In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King's inspiring speech " I Have a Dream ", I was asked to share what I would dream of for the Congo if funds were not limited. The following are some of my dreams for our ministry with the church in Congo. 
I have a dream: For $500 per year a church or individual could adopt one of our Pastor's Institute families. They would be paying all their school fees, all their medical needs and their transportation from their village. – For $1500 a church or individual could support a family for the entire three years of Pastoral training. What a great way to invest in the Kingdom of God and the church in Congo! 

I have a dream: With $3600 I could pay for the Internet Satellite yearly subscription and not have to burden the missionaries to meet this cost. 

I have a dream: With $5000 I could purchase reference books for the library at the Pastor's Institute in Kikongo. I could purchase a Bible dictionary and a concordance for each student to use when they are placed in their future churches. I could provide daily devotionals for the pastors to read and to share with their congregations. 

I have a dream: With $5000 I could expand the Internet Satellite system at Kikongo to become a full-time Cyber Cafe that would serve the community day and night. Doctors could do research. Pastors could find helps for their sermons. Teachers could find materials for their classes. Everyone would be able to email and to stay in touch with their family members in all the world. 

I have a dream: With $10,000 I could install a solar panel and battery lights in every pastoral students home so that they could read at night. They would not need to light their homes by candles and they would have a lighted space for their families at night. The pastors family would be able to see to do their home work and to do other family activities at night. 

I have a dream: With $20,000 I could pay the salaries for the Pastor's Institute professors for one year. It's the single largest expense that the Institute faces each year and we don't see the resources for next year. 

Thanks to your generous support, we've been able to serve here in Congo for 19 years. But we're not done yet! There's still much that can be done, lots and lots of dream that need your help. We need your prayer support - that's absolutely vital! We need mission volunteers who can come to Congo and work alongside us and our ministry partners. We need your financial support. The only reason we can remain here is because of faithful supporters. 

Give to the 2013 World Mission Offering, direct your support to our ministry, and join us in making these dreams come true! Click here to donate.

God's blessings on you and yours,

Mike Lowery
Democratic Republic of Congo