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Judy Sutterlin Witnesses God’s Amazing Grace in China

September 7, 2013 Journal
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Rev. Judy Sutterlin, International Ministries (IM) missionary shared her 22 years of ministry experience in China with the members of the Chinese Christian Church and Center (CCC&C), Philadelphia on September 7 and 8.  Judy started serving with the Amity Foundation Hong Kong office, and then as an Amity English teacher in several schools in Mainland China. She was then invited by the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to teach general, biblical and theological English in the Seminary.

Judy witnesses the grown of the Church in China in the 20 plus years with her active involvement in the church ministries.  “It is my great joy to see my students to become pastors, bible school teachers, and convention leaders bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the villages and cities of China.” Judy said.

Judy also monitors several Amity projects which are supported by IM, which include the completion of 27 village clinics and the on-going support of 130 orphans.  Elim Fellowship members of CCC&C celebrate with Judy their support of the construction of a village clinic and medical supply, as well as the sponsorship of 20 plus orphans.  Judy was born in Swatow area in southern China when her parents served as IM missionaries there.

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