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Indian Professor Visited International Ministries

September 5, 2013 Journal
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Rev. Dr. Chilkuri Vasantha Rao, Principal of the Andhra Christian Theological College (ACTC) visited International Ministries (IM) office on Sep 6. ACTC began on July 1, 1964 as an ecumenical vision of churches in Andhra Pradesh, South India to provide quality and relevant theological education to the Telugu Christian community. IM currently sponsors the study of 10 students and the service of a librarian. Three of the ACTC Baptist faculty completed their M.Th. and/or doctoral degree study with the support of the IM’s Leadership Development Grant. Dr. Rao and I have brainstormed ways to strengthen faculty development and the student sponsorship of ACTC.

Dr. Ben Chan is an area director at International Ministries.  He relates to international partners and missionaries in East Asia, India, Hong Kong and China.