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Kids Making A Difference

July 19, 2013 Journal
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When we launched the project “Kids For Missions” we thought this would be a great opportunity for VBS and Sunday School groups to realize that each one of us, even kids, can make a difference in peoples’ lives with even just a one-time gift of $50.  That amount is enough to purchase a “kid”, young goat that will provide milk for a family.  As it matures and reproduces, the first new ‘kid’ will be passed on to another family to bring the nutritional and economic benefits of it’s milk and sale of future offspring to others in the community.

We have been surprised!  Kids of all ages have been participating.  At present we have reached half of our target.  Many of those gifts were received from friends at Hoosier Village in Indianapolis.  They enthusiastically engaged in this endeavor, even naming each kid they donated.  With the help of their Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Joseph Huse, (our MPT Convener) they were able to procure lovely bright red safety collars so each kid could bear the nametag the donors sent! 

These classily clad kids are now impacting the well-being of several impoverished families in remote villages in southwest Assam.  There are still many families and communities that can be helped from the addition of another ‘kid’ in their family!   Your gift of $100 will provide two young goats.  To donate toward this mission project, please   click here!