International Ministries

Asian American Baptist Caucus/ Alliance endorsed the support of International Ministries missionaries/ development workers of Asian origin

June 27, 2013 Journal
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I am very happy to tell you that the Asian American Baptist Caucus/ Alliance has approved the endorsement of the support of International Ministries missionaries/ development workers of Asian origin in the Caucus/ Alliance Convocation in Overland Park, Kansas on June 21, 2013. This is an expansion of the endorsement of the Caucus Steering Committee for the support of Emerson and Ivy Wu to the endorsement of the entire Caucus/ Alliance for seven IM missionary/ development worker units, who include

- Dan and Sarah Chetti  (serving in Lebanon)

- Scott and Tan Coats (serving in Thailand)

- Lee Ann and Gordon Hwang  (serving in Japan)

- Katie and Taku Longkumer  (serving in India)


- Mike and Becky Mann  (serving in Thailand)


- Jonathan and Thelma Nambu  (serving in the Philippines)


- Emerson and Ivy Wu  (will be serving in Macau)

The Caucus/ Alliance also approved to donate $100 to each missionary/ development worker unit to encourage further support from individual members and churches. 

In the same meeting, a formal decision was made to transition the Caucus into the Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches, through which better strategic planning for the programs and support of the Asian American Baptist members and churches, and other American Baptist societies can be pursued. The roles and functions of the officers have also been reshaped to a better team leadership, and the number of the officers was increased from four to seven. In the meeting, Rev. Dr. Don Ng, ABC Vice President, shared his reflection on the development of the Caucus and affirmed this important historical change.  With great joy the congregation thanked the contributions of the officers under the leadership of Caucus/ Alliance President Rev. Marie Onwubuariri on this effort.