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June 10, 2013 Journal
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Dear friends,

I visited Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing of China with the delegation of the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) in May 2013. I would like to share some trip pictures with you. APF is made up of the area secretaries/ directors of the Asia mission desks of the mainline denominations in Canada and the US. The delegation visiting China includes representatives of eight denominations, the Asia Desk of World Council of Churches, and the Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTESEA.)

What is the mission involvement of the American Baptist International Ministries (IM) in China? IM has direct involvement in the Christian ministries and development services in China, as well as in partnership with ecumenical organizations, like APF and FTESEA. Our three primary partners in China are the China Christian Council (CCC,) the Three-self Patriotic Movement (TSPM,) and the Amity Foundation, though we also support the work of regional and provincial Christian Councils and theological seminaries, NGOs and voluntary organizations. Examples of our mission involvement include the support and participation of the Bible Ministry Exhibitions and  the Christian Leadership Exchange Gatherings in the US; the sponsorship of pastors in rural churches in partnership with the F/2 Foundation and CCC theological seminaries; the provision of scholarships, books and computers to CCC theological seminaries and Bible schools; the sponsorship of church constructions and the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary new campus; the sponsorship of the Amity Foundation’s human capacity building program in China, the staff intensive training in the US, the orphans support program, and the summer English training program, etc. IM also helps to construct 25 clinics in Ningxia and Gansu areas, and sponsors two drug addicts’ rehabilitation centers in Guangdong and Yunnan Provinces.  IM has two full time personnel serving in China: Judy Sutterlin serves as a teacher in the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, and David Wong serves as our liaison to promote relationship and cooperation with the Guangdong and Swatow (Shantou) Christian Councils. IM also sponsor American Baptist teams and volunteers to learn and serve with CCC/TSPM churches and Amity Foundation. You may find more information of IM mission involvement and stories in the IM’s On Location newsletter Winter 2011 edition.

To view my China trip pictures, please click

You may click on the pictures and see the full captions of the pictures in the slide presentation.


Rev. Dr. Ben Chan is Area Director for International Ministries.  He relates to international partners and missionaries in East Asia including India, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.