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Dan Fountain's Memorial Service: A Moving and Inspiring Time

April 10, 2013 Journal
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Here's a quick word about the memorial service for Dr. Daniel Fountain last Saturday (April 6)  in Florida:  WOW!  It was a moving, inspiring time of celebrating God’s work in and through the life of an amazingly gifted and dedicated servant of Christ.  Reid Trulson gave a great message based on the three Scripture passages Dan himself had preselected for the occasion.  Kihomi Ngwemi gave a great personal testimony of the impact Dan and Miriam had on her life and that of the people of Congo.  Other speakers made excellent contributions, also—especially Dan & Miriam’s son Paul and grandson Joshua.

It was the kind of experience that reminds me, personally, what a privilege it is to be part of this mission effort.  I think you, too, would have been moved and would have felt proud (in a good way!!). 

Not surprisingly, the service turned out to be quite a missionary reunion, as well. In addition to the extended Fountain and Niles families, there were plenty of retired missionaries, staff and former members of the board of directors of IM.  Current missionaries included not only Wayne and Katherine (Fountain) Niles from Congo, but also Kihomi, Nzunga and Steve James, all of whom came over from Haiti. In addition to Reid, the IM staff delegation included Charles Jones, Jim Wiegner and me.

Jim Wiegner took a bunch of photos and captured the whole service on video.  I assume that will be available more generally at some point. 

I also snapped a few pix and a bit of video.  I have put a rough cut video of Kihomi’s message on YouTube:   Kihomi's words are both an intimate personal glimpse of her relationship with the Fountains, and also a stirring testimony to the way God's work in and through the Fountains in Congo continues to bless and transform lives thousands of miles away and decades later, as Kihomi and her husband Nzunga serve among the people of Haiti.

Wow.  Praise the Lord.