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The Empty Room - An Easter story

March 31, 2013 Journal
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Dear Friends,
     It's Easter morning and our recently acquired female bunnies are busily making nests! Surprise baby bunnies on Easter! The missionary couple in Kinshasa who gifted us with these bunnies a few weeks ago are no doubt smiling today as they read this. Truly an entirely appropriate celebration of new life on this day.

     And, there is another celebration of new life today. For those of you following Mbuta's story, not only is he continuing to gain 5 pounds a week, the hole in his side filling in with lovely tender new skin,  but last week, he began walking.  On a day when Mbuta had just begun to take some tentative steps on his own, the doctor demanded, "Mbuta, lets go walking!" With much joking, arm in arm, they walked the open corridors of the hospital, accompanied by wild  rejoicing from all of the patients and staff clapping and cheering them on. A Victory March for sure! Having reached the end of two corridors, and
Mbuta's strength, Mbuta happily slipped into a wheelchair for a well deserved ride back to his room. Since then, there has been no keeping him down. He is only in bed at night. I laughed seeing him with a new pair of flip-flops on the other day, realizing that I had never seen him with shoes on before. With his new added strength he can play board games and catch with his younger siblings. Yesterday, however, when the family was busy with other activities, he went missing. No sign of him in his room or in the open air corridors of the hospital... they finally found him resting victoriously halfway down
the road to the our market place. 

This being Easter weekend, we can't help but see the parallel between Mbuta healing in Jesus' name - leaving an empty hospital room, and Jesus rising in power and triumph from an Empty Tomb. The other day, Mbuta wrote in big letters on some cardboard, "L'histoire de la Vie,"" A story of life"... When asked what he was thinking about when he had written it, he explained, "Now I know where I have come from, and where I am going." What a blessing to have for him to have been given the eyes to see God's love and power working in his life.

Blessings on you all,