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Visiting brings unity ...

March 3, 2013 Journal
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Behold how good and pleasant it is for God's people to live together in unity. (Psalm 133:1)

I was so excited last week to get to travel to the province of Bas-Congo in south western Congo with the staff of our women's office! We went to do leadership training for our women's association in that area. It was a great trip, BUT, I have to say, the first 60 hours of that 5 day trip, were probably the most uncomfortable of my life!

...was it worth it? Absolutely!

Our Baptist community in Bas-Congo had been divided for about 9 years and only 2 years ago did they officially reconcile. This trip was really about bringing the women back together.

We did seminars and training in 5 different districts. Our official focus was to revive the organizational structure, but we spent much more time working on the heart of the matter: forgiveness and reconciliation. Our prayer is that our time together gave them a chance to begin do that – to reorganize and work together again for His glory.

We, as a staff, experienced our own team-building on this trip. We lived through some pretty rough accommodations together – don't even talk to me about the bizarre restroom 'facilities' – or lack there of... but each morning, the six of us got up early to have devotions together and pray for one another. Despite several days of extreme discomfort and lack of sleep, we were able to support one another and function as a united team. That, my friends, is a miracle!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the strengthening of unity within the CBCO community, particularly in Bas-Congo.

  • Please continue to pray for Mitendi Women's Center and the security wall project.

Thank you for all your support

God's Blessings,

Jill Lowery