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Ben Chan Reports from India: Jan. 24, 2013

January 24, 2013 Journal
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While God has added new members and churches to the BOBBCA, the Association officers work hard to train pastors and Christian workers. I had the opportunity to meet and encourage four seminarians including two Bible women (female evangelists.) They are all sponsored by the IM Leadership Development Grant Program. I am also very glad that another IM sponsored candidate General Secretary Rev. Samaresh Nayak will soon finish his Doctor of Ministry study. Rev. Nayak is one of the most faithful and highly effective leaders I know among IM partners in India.   

In the Annual Meeting last year, BOBBCA celebrated the ordination of three pastors. This year, two pastors were ordained during the Annual Meeting: Mr. Sukamal Mohapatra, Stewardship and Promotion Officer of West Bengal State, and Pastor Amar Singh of Nilagiri Baptist Church in Orissa State. Rev. Dr. Joseph Huse brought the message in the ordination service, while IM Team members were invited to join the pastors in the laying of hands ceremony.

The closing service was blessed with the musical performance by the Kharagpur United Choir, the Kharagpur School faculty, and the Ho Baptists from Orissa. Rev. Dr. David Sagar delivered the message on the Ultimate Mission Call. Rev. Samaresh Nayak thanked the involvement of the IM team, and affirmed the close relationship of IM and the Association. After receiving a memorial plaque from Rev. Nayak on behalf of IM, Rev. Paul Vick thanked BOBBCA for the wonderful spiritual and rich cultural experience that the IM Team has had. The Annual Meeting was closed with thankful and joyful spirit.