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October 30, 2012 Journal
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Our recent ministry trip to Kikongo reminds us how incredibly blessed we are to be able to serve God here in Congo. Jill and I were able to travel up country together this time and we both were able to help out at the Pastor's Institute and to teach classes. That in itself was a blessing. This group of students may be the most eager to learn that we've seen in a long time at the Pastor's school. I was impressed in each class at the quality of students and the potential that each of them have for future ministry in village churches. It's an honor to be able to invest into the lives of each one of them.

Another thing that made this trip so wonderful was the welcome that we received from the Kikongo community. Pastor's and village leaders came by to welcome us back from our long stay in the U.S. The new doctors found us and introduced themselves. People yelled welcomes from across the mission. Even the kids came by after school to welcome back Pa Mike and Mama Jill. It was a very happy reunion. 

Jill was very happy to get to help out at the  Pastor's Wives school teaching reading to beginning readers. These ladies have never had the opportunity to study – until now. Being only in their 3rd week of classes, they were pretty shy when the lesson began. They quickly overcame their embarrassment, however, and threw themselves into the lesson. Jill could hardly keep up with their enthusiastic pace! It is so exciting to play even the smallest part in this life-changing phase of the lives of these future community and ministry leaders! When they return to their villages, they will be among the most educated of the women and will become community and church leaders.

Please keep the student pastors and their wives and the Kikongo community in your prayers. Pray that future leaders will continue to be equipped for ministry in villages. 

Thank you, as always for your prayers and financial support. Your faith and your faithfulness make it possible for us to continue our ministries here. Thank you for your partnership.


Jill and Mike