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The Responsibilty of the Called

October 11, 2012 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,
Greeting. This Monday October 8, in my pastoral theology class I invited Pastor Paul Romeus to give another dimension, at least a Haitian understanding of what I have been teaching. Pastor Paul is a leader with exceptional leadership qualities. He is a man of God who knows and lives by the Word.   He is very humble and very simple in the way he lives.  For two hours, he encouraged our students to respond to God's call and to be true to it, to live by the word of God and not to forget that we are created in God's image. He asked them to understand that being called means responsibility before you think of rewards. God never call a lazy person, he said. 

 Pastor Paul asked students to take advantages of the different possibilities of learning in this new age and go beyond their capacities.  He shared of his miserable beginning in life, no food, no clothes since he had to stay with somebody. He has only an elementary level of education but has applied himself to become one of the most prominent Haitian leaders. Students were impressed when they heard that this great pastor has only a six grade education. In fact, Pastor Paul deserves a doctorate degree for what he has come to know and what he has accomplished.
  Pastor Paul is the founder of Grace Mission with 30 churches in the country, of Institute Drop of Love, the most prestigious elementary and High School with 2500 students in the city of Limbe, of one orphanage, of one radio station, one carpentry shop and a center where they teach people the good character with 6000 learners. A trade or professional school will soon be underway.  
Pastor Paul is a visionary who is also working closely with Kihomi in women activities.  Pastor Paul is a model, an example, our students need as they get ready to finish their theological education and enter in the real Haitian life.
Before leaving the class I asked Pastor Paul to pray for all of us.
Please be praying for our students as they need this kind of servant model.
Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear Friends,


One sentence of this journal really jumped out at me.  “Being called means responsibility before you think of rewards.”   This is especially important when talking to Haitian college students.  Most have struggled most of their lives to survive and believe a college education is the path to riches, or prestige and even a better chance to come to the USA.  The idea of a being a servant, even when studying to become a pastor, is not always the prevalent thinking.   When I really think about it this thinking is not so prevalent with us either.   I was fortunate to hear Tony Campolo speak recently and he opened with this statement:” Aren’t you glad you are saved by Grace since you have no intention of taking Jesus’ words seriously!”  Wow what a statement.  Despite all we have materially our missionaries struggle to receive enough support to stay in the field.  We have a responsibility also.  We must start to take it seriously


In His Peace and Grace,


Dennis Shewell

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry

Convener and Communications Advocate



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