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Haiti Team Update July 16, 2012

July 17, 2012 Journal
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First Baptist Church of Manasquan Team July, 2012

  We finally got Internet service. It was actually nice not being connected...I didn't miss it. But I DID promise you reports so let me see what I can know how the days are long and kind of run into each other.
Day 1
  We didn't get our bags right away but when we finally got all of them, we had no problem leaving. We saw Tiga (Project Foreman) as soon as we walked out the doors..with his big smile welcoming us! It was a wonderful reunion! We boarded the bus, no...not the air conditioned bus or the sweltering box truck. They now have a 20 passenger air!

Long trip! We got settled in. We walked around the compound and took note of all the changes that they made. We no longer make cages in the empty field anymore. They are made on the opposite side of the compound. They expanded the kitchen with 4 kitchen tables and they moved the cooking part of the kitchen over by the bedroom-hut where the girls slept last time.  
We walked to the house that we built last trip. The owner showed us the inside and we took pics.
  We walked to the beach and took pics. It was so pretty to see the ocean after the long day flying. Afterwards we had goat, rice & beans for dinner. We played spoons before bedtime and ended early because we were exhausted from the trip.
We slept on the roof and woke up freezing! We were damp and cold but it still beat sleeping in the hot bunker!

Day 2
  We walked to the house we built in Octiber and made a cement front porch. She had been asking for one and Tiga thought it would be a great idea if we got to finish what we started. It was perfect!
  We came home for lunch, chicken, rice & black beans and took a nice long break.
We then walked very, very far to our next house. We worked with the couple that's here; Mike & Melody from Kentucky. We filled half of the house with rubble.  Half the house! Mike was the designated lifter..he's over 6 ft. Tall! We worked hard!
We came home for dinner, Mac & cheese with ham in it. We played spoons before bedtime and after many rounds I finally beat John. we tried to sleep on the roof again but woke up to rain at 1:30 in the morning.

Day 3
  We took the long walk again and finished filling the other half of the house. We had so much fun as the children greeted us the whole walk! Some were flying kites, some were playing with their home-made cars out of valvoline oil bottles, or plastic tubes that they used for telephones.

After lunch, corn mash & beef stew & avocado, we made cages. There is a different size for the walls. They now cut out the windows while making the wall and make the walls that have the doors in it out of 2 smaller pieces.  
We saw Alex (the project manager) today. He's been very busy. He told us that they have to build 10 houses in a month.

Jeremy (Conscience International) will not be returning any time soon as he doesn't have the funds to travel.  
We saw Manou today! (A boy we met on our last trip)  He asked about Michael too.  He looks older!
We worked today with Maxi. We didn't see Mark and we saw Pastor briefly when we walked to the rubble house.
We played spoons again and Diane and Leah tied and John lost again! Haha!
We've been having wonderful devotions every night with a lot of participation from all.
Last night and tonight we had rain and thunder and lightning. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain again..we will see what they'll have us do in that case.  We've not worked here when it rained
during day yet.