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IM Headline News: June 9 - June 28

June 29, 2012 News

International Ministries UPDATE

June 9-June 28

Wondering where a missionary stands in his or her personalized support goal? Check out the missionary’s profile page on the IM website anytime for a graphic summary.  Missionary data is updated monthly.


 The Challenge Fund is Going Fast… Donate Now to Have Your Gift Matched

 IM’s Young Adult Team, Now Called IGNITE, Departed for Haiti on Saturday, June 23



Leaving Home to Go Home ?by Ann & Bruce Borquist? Released on June 27, 2012

 Voice from the Empty Chair ?by Dan Buttry ?Released on June 26, 2012

 Cultural Entry Day  1 ?by Tyrone Choate, Jr, Sarah Nunez, Catey Hobza, Nathan Kang? Released on June 26, 2012

 My Plans.... His Plans....?by Carole Sydnor ?Released on June 25, 2012

IGNITE Journal #1? by Catey Hobza, Nathan Kang, Tyrone Choate, Jr, Sarah Nunez? Released on June 25, 2012

Stealing Bandaids from the Bateyes? by Cassie Clemmer ?Released on June 24, 2012

 The Whole World Is Coming To Chile ?by Dwight Bolick Released on June 22, 2012

  DR Mission Team.... Ten Years Later ?by Sarah Strosah Released on June 22, 2012

 A Great Reward From the Children of Batey 50 ?by John Powers? Released on June 22, 2012

 2x1 Ice Cream by Kim Kushner Dominguez ?Released on June 21, 2012

 Typhoon Whew! ?by Gordon Hwang? Released on June 21, 2012

MILESTONES? by Joyce Reed? Released on June 20, 2012

Hearing the call and carrying stones /Escuchando el llamado y cargando las piedras? by Doris Mayol, Ricardo Mayol ?Released on June 20, 2012

Harvest Time ?by Kim Brown Released on June 19, 2012

Boy Falls from Tree? by Nzunga Mabudiga? Released on June 18, 2012


"I Planted, Apollo Watered, God Made it Grow"? by Leslie Turley? Released on June 18, 2012


Life in a Dominican Batey, Blog by John Powers? Released on June 14, 2012


It’s Not Too Late to Go on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua!? by Ketly & Vital Pierre? Released on June 12, 2012


Dios, Mujeres y Lorca actuando… / God, Women, and Lorca at work?by Mayra Giovanetti, Carlos Bonilla? Released on June 11, 2012

Update on Ketly and Vital’s Nicaragua Ministries? by Ketly & Vital Pierre? Released on June 9, 2012

A Blissful World: Cassie Clemmer Blogs from The Dominican Republic Released on June 14, 2012


Multiplying and sharing God's blessings ?by Ed Noyes? Released on June 9, 2012


The Gift of Faith Learned From Others? by Emerson Wu? Released on June 9, 2012


New Home for Lady living in Mud & Stick Shack?by Kihomi Ngwemi, Nzunga Mabudiga?Released on June 9, 2012