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The Gift of Faith Learned From Others

June 9, 2012 Journal
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When we were on the vision trip to Macau in early March this year, we were blessed and excited to see how the Lord led us to see many potential ministries. When we came back, we began to share some stories of what we had learned with some churches in Ohio. In mid April, we went to a training class, but my mind was so very anxious about the few number of churches we had scheduled for presentation and the large amount of support we needed to raise, that worry kept me from complete attention on other things.


When the classes moved on and I interacted with my classmates who were also missionaries, I learned a great deal about their strong faith from their stories and experience.   I especially remember a young lady, who had a six month old baby, whose family was soon preparing to go to the mission field much more dangerous than Macau.  Her faith and determination touched my heart deeply.  I realized my spiritual strength was like Peter’s when he took his eyes off Jesus, and his fear of the wind and waves caused him to begin to sink in the water.  But immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” He said, “Why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31). I had to confess my lack of faith and my worry about the financial support.  


Reading the Book of Acts and the stories of how the early believers supported the apostles has been a true blessing.  Since our return from training, we have started to share “Ye Su ai ni.” which is “Jesus loves you” in Mandarin, in our presentation.  When we began to share our call and make our appeal for support, the response from our pastor, partnership team and congregation was strong.  Now we go from one church to another to share the message of “Ye Su ai ni,” and sing the song using the Chinese words Ye Su ai ni.  After the presentations, we have received many responses of “hearing His call.”  The Holy Spirit has used our presentations to touch people’s hearts. We have not only received hospitality from churches but also have received their love gifts supporting our mission.  The lesson I learned is that God will provide what we need as long as we share the message Ye Su ai ni, God’s love to the world. We ask you please to join with our prayer that the Lord will lead and provide many opportunities for us to share His message and vision. Thank you.