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June 4, 2012 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry,

Greetings from the road.

If May has been memorable, it has been because we have made more trips than ever before. These trips have been successful, and we praise God for his answers to our prayers.

Name's trips

The biggies are Name’s trips to Chiang Mai for dental work. He still has a mouthful of rotten teeth, but he has an appointment that we think will work this time—extractions to start on the 5th of June. After being checked, prodded and poked, it has been determined that he is not well enough to undergo a general anesthetic. So the teeth are to be removed a few at a time at Chiang Mai University’s school of dentistry. The dentist who is working with us is a lovely man who is showing care and concern for Name and his family. Thank you for your prayers.


We are rejoicing that our visa to stay in Thailand has been granted for another year. We are also grateful that the appointment fell between two other meetings, reducing our travel time and costs.

Frances the physio has arrived!

She is now finding her way around Ban Luang. Tuesday was her first day on the job, and she got right into it, both at the hospital and in homes. We were doing the formal introductions at the hospital, and as we were leaving, the doctor called us to look at a patient. So the first consultation was done. As I write this our colleague, Anna, is taking Frances to visit some stroke patients. We are all excited by this gift God has given us and the people of Ban Luang.

Frances has a housemate. Dianne, here for six weeks, is helping teach Dema and Carolyn’s children, so it is all go here right now. We are pretty busy, with the schools starting back up and our involvement with a new initiative from the hospital to get people in the district more care from therapists.

We pray that God is using you, as us, in many ways to further his kingdom.

Yours in Christ’s love,

Larry and Jan

Prayer and Praise

* Praise God for our visa for another year.

* Pray for a successful start on Name’s dental care.

* Pray that Name’s family will see God’s love at work in this process.

* Pray that the work Frances does will be seen as a gift from God to our local people.

* Pray that a new training session for the leaders of the house churches will come about.

Things happening this month

June 5—Name’s first set of extractions

June 10-11—Trip to Chiang Rai, including preaching at the Payamengrai church

June 18—Trip to Australia to celebrate Jan’s dad’s 80th