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Restoring Cherline's sight

May 27, 2012 Journal
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Dear loved Ones,

In the photo, we have detachment on left and on right the eye after the operation

Cherline Dorcin, a young girl of 23 years old from Cap-Haitien lost her sight in her right eye when she was in class. She became panicked, very disturbed since she did not know what was going on. She rushed to Justinien Hospital, the general hospital in Cap-Haitian. The eye doctors diagnosed "Retinal detachment" and Cherline needed an operation which can only be done in Port-au-Prince. Cap-Haitian is not equipped for this kind of operation.

Cherline is a orphan of both parents and lives with a cousin who does not have money for such operation. Beside the girl has never been to Port-au-Prince and does not know anybody in the capital city.

When our Baptist eye clinic learned of Cherline's case, we decided to send her to Port-au-Prince thanks to the financial support of the mission project "Restoring Sight" to children. The operation was a success and the girl won't loose her sight. Three weeks after the operation, her right vision is at 20/100. It will get better as the wound heals.

Cherline is thankful to all of those who have donated to restore her sight and so she can continue studying. We can only rejoice with Cherline and say to all of you "Mesi ampil" thanks a lot.  To learn how you can support the "Restoring Sight to Haitian Children" mission project, click here.


For the staff of the Haitian Baptist Convention eye clinic,


Nzunga Mabudiga




I don’t think I need to add anything to this story.  What a privilege to be Jesus’ healing hand for this child.


Because He first loved me,


Dennis Shewell

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