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The importance of an Education

May 20, 2012 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,

(This is the 3rd report of Kihomi's trip into the central plateau.)

One of the successes of the mission enterprise was and still is to teach people how to read and how to write. Knowledge gained helps people discover by themselves what is written in books and they can communicate with the outside world.


The process of teaching does not necessarily wait until the completion of the building. Sometime classes are held under a tree or in an unfinished house. We are the typical product of those who had a rough start by today’s standards. The kids in the pictures are in school in a reading class. They are among the rarest with a book at that early age.


Who knows what they will become tomorrow. They are our future medical doctors, lawyers, pastors, nurses, engineers.... There is an African saying “When one is not dead yet there is no way to make fun of him. God holds the future of each child in His hands”.  It means even though they are poor and the future has many challenges in such a poor country, as long as they are alive you can never tell what might happen.


Please be praying for the work of mission and for those school kids.


Yours in Haiti


Kihomi & Nzunga



This is the story of Nzunga and Kihomi that are who they are because ABC missionaries educated them when they were young and poor in the Congo.  Pray that these children will be able to overcome as well. 




Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

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