International Ministries

Invitation to Pray for the World Mission Conference

May 13, 2012 News

Prayer is as important to the World Mission Conference as all the months of planning and preparation.  There is nothing more important than hearing and responding to the call of God in Jesus Christ.  Thus our theme this year: 2012 Hear the Call.

Throughout the week, attendees will have the chance to go deeper in their own response to Jesus’ calling on their life.  They’ll spend time with missionaries and international leaders from Christ’s church here in the U.S. and around the world. 

We covet your prayer support whether you attend in person or join your hearts with ours from a distance.  The conference begins Friday, May 18 and ends the evening of Thursday, May 24.  What happens in between can be life changing. 

Below is a list of specific things you can pray about.  We hope that you will be blessed in giving prayer support as you are able.

The 150 people participating in the Call Retreat weekend
Pray that the participants will use this in-depth opportunity to explore their call to Kingdom service.  Pray as they consider serving locally or internationally, whether that be as ministry professionals or as dedicated lay leaders.  Pray as they seek God’s leading for their personal service as disciples of Christ. 

The Call Retreat weekend leadership
Pray that those leading the tracks will inspire and challenge the attendees to open themselves to the possibilities of what God might be calling them to do in His name.
Pastoral ministry – Joe Kutter & Jeff Savage
Local mission involvement – Glynis LaBarre
Cross-cultural global mission – Jim Bell

The 16 international leaders
Pray that as they share their stories and walk alongside the participants of the conference, that God will use them in powerful and unexpected ways. 

The 32 missionaries
Pray as they share during workshops, in programs and over meals about how they respond to God’s call in their ministries. Pray for the 3 newest sets of missionaries participating at the conference for the first time – Emerson & Ivy Wu, Dago & Dilia Zelaya, and Debbie & Keith Myers.  

The Bible study leaders
Pray for A.K. Lama (India) and Ken Fong (Los Angeles) as they allow God to speak through them and open His word for each person to apply to their lives.

The keynote speakers
Kim Kushner Dominguez, missionary in Cuba as she speaks on how we are “Shaped by Creation” for service.

Alistair Brown, president of Northern Seminary as he speaks on how we are “Shaped by Commitment."

Leslie Braxton, pastor in Renton, WA as he speaks on how we are “Shaped by Community.”

Tony Campolo, as he talks about “Responding to the Call” at the end of the week.

The weather!
Pray for good weather on Monday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 23 as we have outdoor activities those days.  And if it is cool or damp, pray that the weather will not dampen people’s enthusiasm to participate!

The worship team
Pray that God will use the variety of music & instruments, and the creative pieces to draw each person into the presence of our living Lord.

Jars of Clay
Pray for their performance and the dozens of people coming to the conference just to hear them.  Pray that songs like “Where you lead us, we will follow” and “Eyes wide open” will cause each hearer to respond in deep and profound ways.

The programs
Pray that the creative programs and specialty events each day will lead everyone to a deeper, fuller and more joyous response to the call of God on their lives. 

The staff of the Green Lake Conference Center
Praise God for these amazing, dedicated people who are committed to making this the best conference possible.  We are so grateful for their creative ideas, hospitality and willingness to serve!

Be sure to check our Facebook page for status reports on what’s happening so that you can pray specifically as needs arise, and join us in giving God the glory.