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May 12, 2012 Journal
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Dear Friends,

This month brought a flood of opportunities to love and serve people in Jesus' name.


• Friends of NightLight connected us with a Colombian trafficked victim here, whom we were able to assist in returning to her country.
• Cherry Hills Baptist Church sent a visiting team which served the NightLight family through a week of Vacation Bible School for the children at the childcare center, and daily teaching on forgiveness and boundaries for the women. The team also pampered the women through a day spa, and helped us host another open house party at our outreach center in the red light area.
• This outreach party was our most popular yet! Besides the Thai people that dropped in, we had people come in from Syria, Israel, Denmark, France, UK, Russia, Switzerland, and Cambodia. We praise God for bringing children and adults, men and women, homeless, women in prostitution, and even a bar manager to the party! We were able to make a number of new connections and are excited to see how far God is reaching.
• An African woman (who we first met at the medical clinic in February) reconnected with us this month, expressing desire to leave prostitution and return home. With help from partner organizations, we were able to send her back to her home country with funding to start up a small business. She expressed her amazement at what God had done, saying, "I never dreamed this could happen." We praise God for second chances!
• Two of our NightLight family - one woman and one of the women's daughters - trusted in Jesus this month! Hallelujah!
• Thank you for your prayers for our nurse, Tim. Her eye surgery was successful!


• Pray for the Colombian trafficked victim as she returns home to her country this week after being gone for 2 years. Pray for healing and restoration in her life and family relationships.
• The trafficking victim introduced us to "A", another South American woman in prostitution here. "A" was initially sold into prostitution by her aunt when she was 14 years old, and many years of exploitation have left this woman desperate and hopeless. Pray the hope of Jesus over this woman to find freedom and healing.
• Pray for "E", the sister of one of our NightLight women. She received some physical healing after prayer ministry this month, but still has strong emotional ties to a dangerous boyfriend and is high-risk for reentering prostitution. Pray for her to have a life-transforming encounter with Jesus.
• Gomer entered a drug rehab program at a local hospital this month. Pray that she will cooperate with the doctors and lean on God's grace to help her overcome.
• Three NightLight women have come forward about domestic abuse. Pray for their safety, and for strength and wisdom for Pon (director of the NightLight foundation) as she responds to these needs.
• Thai children will be going back to school at the end of this month. Pray for the NightLight women to make wise decisions on whether to send their children back to their home villages during the school year, or to keep their children with them here in Bangkok. Pray for generational cycles of abandonment and wounding to stop in Thailand.
• Pray for a successful release of our NightLight spring/summer jewelry line this month! Pray for increasing sales, wisdom for marketing, and new customers.
• Annie and Jeff will be traveling to the U.S. for a U.S. assignment with their mission board. Pray for their time in the U.S., but also for NightLight staff and women during their absence.

With gratitude and hope of glory,

Anne Dieselberg
NigttLight CEO

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