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May 2, 2012 Journal
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Dear Friends, 

         Our adventures in America have been continuing with a recent trip to Florida. 

         Rita and I just visited Marcie and Timothy at ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization).   ECHO is dedicated to fighting world hunger through innovative options, agricultural training, and networking with community leaders  and missionaries in developing countries.  ECHO is a place to collect and develop solutions to agricultural problems with growing food in difficult conditions.

Glen:  Had the opportunity  to return to I-TEC  where  he  learned to fly five years ago.   This non-profit organization’s goal is to develop new technologies and equip indigenous people to meet the needs of their  own communities.   This is the  organization that has just patented the flying jeep named the “Maverick”.  He was able to see his flight instructor, and get to do a flight in a powered parachute.  It has been nine months since our last flight in Congo.  

Rita :  Is all finished with her radiation treatment.  She handled it very well.  She has lots of energy for gardening, and visiting churches.  

Marcie:  Is on staff at ECHO.  She is propagation manager of the tree nursery.   Prior to coming on staff, she  served as an intern at  ECHO and was a missionary for two years  with SIM  in Ethiopia.  Remember her newsletters?      

Timothy:   Is one of eight interns at ECHO.  He has just been accepted for a two year mission to the Central African Republic with “Reach Global”.  Timothy represents the fourth generation of Chapman/Brown missionaries. 

Elaina:   Is living with us in Santa Cruz this year.  She has an undergraduate in kinesiology and desires more training in a health related field. 

         Time is flying by and  even though we have done lots of traveling, we know we have missed a lot of you this year in the US.  We are going to be at the Mission Conference at Green Lake May 18-25.  Hope to see many of you there.   Please greet us and let us know that you read our journals.  If you need more information about this event , or want to sign up, go to:

      As many of you know, the support structure of  International Ministries has changed.  We have gone from being fully supported by the denomination to having to raise our own support.  We have commitments for about 90 % towards  our support.  Soon, there will be another opportunity for a matching grant gift  for new donors.  Whatever new support comes in will be doubled ! We will let you know the details of that opportunity.     

       We plan to return to Congo during the summer. (We know many of you have missed the MAZU stories. )  It will be good to get back to our real lives of ministry in a distant corner of the world.  Until then, thanks for your prayers as we prepare to  return to our home at  Kikongo. 



                                                                             Glen and Rita