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April 13, 2012 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and encouragement! We've been reminded this month how vital your prayers are for seeing victory in the lives of the women here. Most of the women we work with do not have prayer covering outside of the NightLight family. Those who have already trusted in Jesus are often first generation believers whose families perform rituals and incantations to evil spirits on their behalf. It is hard for us to imagine the intensity of the spiritual battles the women face, since so many of us benefit from the prayers of family, friends, and church communities. You are part of our NightLight family as you cover these women in prayer.


• Wonderful retreat with NightLight women, staff, children, and ministry team from Houston, TX. Three women were baptised, while others received prayer ministry and powerful visitations of Holy Spirit. There was much fun and celebration, and Jesus was glorified throughout!
• We partnered with the MST project, allowing them to use our outreach building for evenings of focused prayer and outreach to the men in the red light areas.
• A street vendor working near our outreach center trusted in Jesus and has been sharing the good news with her friends. She recently brought a friend to Bible study who also trusted in the Lord!
• Annie and Beng participated in a conference with Central Asian women last month. Praise God for divine appointments and for tender hearts that eagerly responded to the needs of trafficked women.
• A team from NightLight traveled to the northeast of Thailand to visit the families of 11 of the women. One of the family members trusted in Jesus and found freedom from witchcraft!
• God moved in the hearts of two NightLight women who were at risk of returning to prostitution, and they have chosen to remain at NightLight. Please continue to pray protection over these women.
• "N-n" has returned to work at NightLight after leaving two years ago. What a joy to welcome her back!

Prayer Requests

• Please continue to pray for the twin sisters who left NightLight in February. They were both recently married to the men their family arranged for them. Pray for their new marriages and their Buddhist husbands.
• Pon's parents' health is improving, but please pray for her mother who faces an upcoming surgery on her hand.
• Also, pray for our nurse, Tim, who had a successful eye surgery in February and is scheduled for surgery on the other eye this week.
• Pray for restoration of the women who have left NightLight. Pray specifically for "P-c," "K-y," "J-y," and "Kh-n." Pray they will be in the center of God's will.
• Pray for safety for the women and their families as they travel this weekend during the busy Songkran (Thai New Year) holiday. Many of these women will face pressure from their families to participate in rituals and ceremonies that dishonor God. Pray that they will stand firm as loving witnesses to their families of the transforming power of Jesus.
• Pray with us as we prepare to release our Spring/Summer jewelry line. With recent pay raises to the women to compensate for the increasing cost of living, we are mindful of the need for more jewelry sales. Agree with us for divine strategies in marketing, increasing sales, and expanding our customer base.
• Pray for God to release breakthrough and new beginnings as we enter the Thai New Year.
Thank you for standing with us! We are grateful for the many ways the Lord has been at work here, and we value your vital role in prayer.

With gratitude and hope of glory,

CEO NightLight

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