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The peace of God visits our son

March 6, 2012 Journal
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     Over the last several weeks our family has been praying the prayer of Jabez every day together.  It blesses me to know that God is answering that prayer with my children.  Boyden & Baillie recognized that God enlarged their territory this past weekend.  Boyden has been so excited because he experienced God at work.  This is his story:

      During the first weekend of March, I spent Friday evening and most of the day Saturday at a Baptist youth conference at South Parkersburg Baptist Church in West Virginia. While I was there, God really brought a challenge to my eyes that I have wrestled with for many years. To some people this trial is nothing, such as my sister, she can make friends with a brick wall, but I struggle with making friends and meeting new people. I had to wrestle with this over the weekend, because it was just my sister and I going to this youth conference and as we got there, we found out it was tailored more for youth groups than individuals or a brother and sister.  So, we just had to find someone to hang out with. I tried this a few times and failed.

        When my parents came to get my sister and me to go to the mall for free time, I broke down in the vehicle and started crying, because I could not meet anyone and become real good friends with them. On top of all this, we were asked to stand up in front of around 350 people and say something about our journey. After my mom and sister went into the mall, my dad and I stayed back and he talked to me. He also helped me understand why I was here this weekend. I was here to face a challenge I have always had. Later on he helped me make an outline of what I would say, which was based on 2 Timothy Chapter 1 Verse 7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (Taken from New Living Translation.) The two parts about love and sound judgment I seem to have a grip on, it’s the power thing that I stumble around with attempting. Dad also told me that I reminded him of Timothy because of my youth. He said that Timothy had a similar struggle with being bold. That night, I told 350 people of my challenge I had faced and I asked them to pray for me, so I can make friends in Mexico. I know that I can place my hope in Christ and I am blessed to have the support of my family.

                As I walked up onto the stage I felt a peace come over me that I have never felt before. All my fears had left me and I was fully relying on the Holy Spirit to help me. I am realizing in my weakness that God is strong. As the time grows nearer to leaving for Mexico, I am becoming more and more excited to see how God will be glorified through my weakness. Please pray for my family and me as we travel throughout all of West Virginia and beyond raising money and prayerful support to go into the mission field.

In Christ,

Boyden Myers