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Bio for Rev. Dr. Jeff Savage

February 20, 2012 Page

Dr. Jeff Savage

Call Retreat Track leader for "Pastoral Ministry" May 18 -20

Dr. Jeff Savage is Pastor of First Baptist Church of Springfield, Oregon, where he has served since 1988. Jeff says, “Not only have they been my congregation for the past twenty-four years, but many of these brothers and sisters have taught me a thing or two about discipleship. If you have not had the blessing of meeting this extraordinary company of saints, know that their hands are always extended and their hearts are open wide.”

Jeff discerned his call to ministry in 1976 and was ordained in 1983. He currently serves as president of the Minister’s Council, where he endeavors to serve our wider family by keeping his clergy colleagues “together; and in ministry.” And what keeps Jeff together and in ministry? He says, “Time with family, tending garden, fishing, watching the sunrise, and his Together in Ministry group.”