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Chiang Rai International Christian School officially open!

February 15, 2012 Journal
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January 2012

Happy New Year  To You All,

It seems that 2012 isn't waiting for us at all.  We barely just finished celebrating the new year and, already, we are almost to the end of the month of January.   So I thought Id better get a quick letter of to you all to let you know we made it into 2012.  

Our big news is that our Chiang Rai International Christian School is now officially open! We just had the Grand Opening on Friday, 20 January.  Each of our three kids participated.  

Though Tan and I are involved in the school, we thought we would be pretty much just observers at the event.  But at the last moment, I was given the task of translation from Thai to English and English to Thai for several of the speeches.  So, in the end most of the Coats family helped out at the event.   Though we had some hiccups and I didn't do the best job,  it worked out.

The best part was the students various performances.   They did a great little drama,  performed a few songs and danced in Thai outfits.

We thank God for each of you who have given so generously to make this place a reality.  It s just a miracle.   Chiang Rai now has a quality Christian  English medium school that is legally approved by the Thai educational authorities.  God is so good.  

God Bless you all,     
      The Coats Family