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Carla Romarate-Knipel began second term of service with International Ministries

February 15, 2012 News

February 15, 2012

I am very happy to inform you that American Baptist International Ministries (IM) has extended an invitation to Dr. Carla Romarate-Knipel to serve as my Special Assistant for Philippines Relation for another term of service. Carla has represented IM and me to meet with leaders of the Convention of Philippines Churches (CPBC) and member organizations to strengthen partner relationship. She also conducted leadership training at the request of the College of Theology of the Central Philippines University. Carla is instrumental in the provision of Sunday School Curriculum to the Convention officers as they revise and produce a contextual version of the teaching materials. Carla also assists me to assess projects that IM supports, including the Construction of a New Library of the Filamer Christian College/ University ($30,000), and the CPBC Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture ($29,000 via Baptist World Aid).

Carla affirms her role with IM as a mission liaison, and said,”I am blessed at my early experience in Christian discipleship and my call to Christian ministry, which were made possible by the mission partnership between IM and CPBC. My experience in serving God in both ministry contexts enables me to communicate shared mission priorities and to strengthen the mission partnership of CPBC and IM that started in the 1900s. As I began my second term of service, I thank IM for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts to further God's global mission.”