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February 6, 2012 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones,


Greeting and Peace of our risen Lord onto each one of you.


Many people ask us about what Kihomi does when she is not helping dig latrines, training her leaders, conducting seminars, counseling families, empowering women, or helping with small economic projects.

Here is an example of Kihomi’s unseen and unspoken ministries. She visits people and prays with them. One day, she started by visiting a women in the Limbe catholic hospital. Then in the afternoon, she was visiting Ma DA. This lady suffers of glaucoma and has been receiving her eye care at our eye clinic. But because of a mistake she made Ma Da could barely open her eyes. Tears were constantly pouring out. Ma Da was talking about going to see another doctor.

When Kihomi came home she told me about the pitiful situation of Ma Da. The next day, I decided to visit her. She was in very bad shape. I asked her to come with me to our eye clinic. When we got to the clinic, I wanted to see Ma Da’s file. When the head nurse reads it, it was obvious that Ma Da has continued using the medication the doctor has discontinued. When she got the right medicine, tears stop and Ma Da could open her eyes again. Three days later I visited her and she could not stop thanking the Lord for the miracle.


Saturday February 4, at 10:30 PM, we were already in bed snoring. Kihomi’s phone rang. A lady was announcing to her the heart attack death of the husband of one of her leaders. The next day, Kihomi was in the truck on her way to Pilate. When she got there, she finds many visitors to comfort the widow. Unfortunately, no one among the visitors who thought about asking the widow how she was. When Kihomi asked this question, she told her that she was dizzy since yesterday when her husband died. She has lost her balance and could hardly walk. Kihomi put the lady in the truck to take her to the small health clinic in Pilate. The nurse there found that the widow’s blood pressure was way high and was risking a major crisis. Thank God she was treated.

In the afternoon in Pilate, Kihomi spent time with the Pastor's family whose wife in her thirty’s had a stroke. She is one of Kihomi's God daughters she has been mentoring since she was at the university where we are. Kihomi had time to counsel and bring her health education to them.


This is how God of love, God of miracles, is using her servant Kihomi to be of help to her people.


Please be praying for:

A better understanding of what God wants us to do

The new semester staring at the university,

The new acting president of the university

The emotional and physical strength for us to continue what God has called us to do.


Yours in Haiti,


Nzunga & Kihomi


Dear Friends,


The knocks at the door never stop and now with the advent of cell phones in Haiti the phones never stop ringing.  Each one is a distress call from someone in need asking for Nzunga’s and Kihomi’s help.  Thanks to God’s grace and your support they are there and willing to respond.  You will notice in this journal that the new truck plays a pivotal role in their ability to respond that was very difficult before.  Thank you for your love.  Please keep praying and donating to this wonderful ministry of God’s love.


Dennis Shewell

Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener

Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry


Phone: 812-569-1352


Other team Members:

Les Roberson

Diana Peysha

Shawna Gorman

Terry Bivens-Fry

Charles Newman