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All Eyes on Daniel

December 20, 2011 Journal
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This month of December has been a special one for Daniel.  He spent a lot of time in Tijuana with Patti's ministry at the Monte Horeb Grade School.  In the past he has often helped short term mission groups with painting and general upkeep at the school.  This time was different.  He went to help on a regular basis in whatever ways possible, including teaching.  Always a great worker he kept busy with serving food, setting up tables, cleaning up, and helping little ones to learn colors and numbers through games and worksheets.  All part of his service as a missionary kid and good practice for his Spanish! 

Then there was his real love.  Daniel taught sign language to the third grade class, then led them in signing the words to a song at their Christmas Festival.  At the end of the singing, he added an unrehearsed 'amen' by signing 'I love you' to the kids.  They all signed the same back.  A beautiful moment indeed! 
Since his birth almost 23 years ago, Daniel has been a most special missionary, in the Dominican Republic, in the United States and in Mexico.  His ministry has included neighbors, schools, churches, short term mission teams, other MK's and missionaries, and of course, his own family.  We thank God every day for Daniel.