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December 14, 2011 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your prayers for NightLight through this difficult season. Now that December is here, we celebrate what we have come through and what is to come. We are grateful for the advent of Christ which allows us to have Jesus in us, the hope of glory. With this hope in us, we enter this season with joy knowing that God has so much more in store for us.


• The floods have receded to a great degree and inner Bangkok was spared the water damage.
• NightLight participated in flood relief and has sold t-shirts to raise money so we can continue to reach out and restore. A man who joined our efforts accepted Christ last week.
• Three people have been able to stay in our center after floods filled their homes.
• “N” and her infant were able to stay in our center to escape domestic abuse.
• Sunday there was a city wide church gathering to pray for Thailand at a significant government site. We believe there has been a shift in the spiritual climate for Thailand.
• Jewelry sales have increased some in this Christmas season and we are thankful that many are giving gifts that help to transform the lives of those who have made them.
• We are so grateful for Emily who has served with NightLight for the past 5 years. She is leaving Thailand this month to return to the UK and to do fulltime study of a language needed in assisting a certain group of victims of human trafficking.

Prayer Requests

• Pray for the victims of the flood. Many still have 1 meter of water in their homes and many more have lost work. The cleanup and restoration will take a long time.  Pray for NightLight’s involvement in relief and restoration.
• Pray for Emily as she leaves NightLight and transitions to a new life. We will miss her terribly.
• Pray for continued increase in jewelry sales and donations. This is the first year we are not able to offer bonuses or Christmas gifts to the women and staff. We will be doing a Christmas outreach in the community instead of investing in parties and gifts. Pray the women will not be offended but will see the value of giving over receiving.
• This month we will have Christmas activities for the women and children in the red light area. An IRIS team will be coming to assist in these events. Pray these will be great opportunities to share the love of Christ and that we will have access to the women and children. There has been opposition from bar management in the past.
• Thank you so much for your support in prayer. This has been such a difficult season and we know your prayers have made such a difference. Please do continue to pray as we transition into a new year. I am excited to see new beginnings and wait in eager anticipation to see what God will do. There is still a lot to do this month however, so we covet your prayers.


Annie Dieselberg