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December 9, 2011 Journal
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Has God ever revealed to you what is in his heart and then poured out a vision about it?  Suddenly, it is like being able to see what you could not see.  It is…defining.  This is what God’s heart is full of and what God has splashed across the horizon in Baja South:

     A high percentage of the population is less than 27 years old = Opportunity
     There are few resources for young people in Baja South = Opportunity
     Government and Schools are asking for help = Opportunity
     There is NO history of full time Youth Ministry among the churches in Baja = Opportunity
     The churches are interested in full time Youth Pastors for the first time = CALLING
     Young leaders sensing a call to minister to youth = CALLING

In October of this year we held a two day youth conference.  Mark Larimer, Lead Pastor of Crossway Community Church in Hamilton, Ohio, was here with a Mission group.  I invited him to be our conference speaker.  Elliott Gregory, Youth Pastor of Oakwood Baptist Church in Charleston, WV came to lead a workshop on programming for Youth Ministry.  None of our Mexican colleagues had ever seen how to program for full-time ministry to youth. 60 young people from the churches gathered.  Mark challenged them to become world changers.  20 young people stepped forward, 1/3 of the group!    God splashed his heart all over the place. It was…defining. 

In January of 2012 we begin a completely new work in Baja South: Training and equipping Ministers for Youth Ministry.  It has never been done.  The mission is to provide full time Youth Ministers for the churches.  This has never happened in any of the churches.   God’s heart splashed on the churches.

The demographics show that if this catches fire in the churches and in the streets it will be possible to change Baja South in one generation.  This can become a young generation of followers of Jesus who will influence an entire region.  That’s amazing!

We are glad you are with us as this new vision and mission takes its first steps.  We are excited about what God has waiting.  We’ll let you know!