International Ministries

Serve at Summer Camp for Teenagers in Lebanon (Volunteer Opportunity)

June 13, 2015 Opportunity

Camp Time frame:    Summer 2016

Total time frame for volunteers - 8 days. See below for details.**

Project:   Paricipate in 3-day camp for teenagers, most of whom attend Bapist churches.  The camp provides a meaningful opportunity for young people to enrich their knowledge of Jesus and His love in an active, recreational setting.   

 Up to 55 teenagers (ages 14-17) 

Activities include: 

~ guest speakers, devotions,  Bible study & discussions

~ group games and outdoor activities

~ evening entertainment program

~ shared meals and accommodation 

Mission Team Timeframe: 8 days as follows

~ 2 for travel (to and from Lebanon)

~ 2 preparation prior to the camp

~ 3 working days (Wed through Friday)

~ 1 for site-seeing 

The ideal visiting Mission Team would have 7 members (age 20+) 

who would be able to share the following skills:

~ Sports leadership

~ Teaching experience

~ Gifted speaking

~ Nursing

~ Mentorship (for pastoral care and counseling) 

~ Arts and crafts

~ Photography

Costs that Mission Team members should take into account in addition to their airfare to and from Lebanon include est US$100/person/day for accommodation (Full-board/Double Occupancy), transportation, and a one day site-seeing trip within Lebanon.

Missionary in Country: Dan and Sarah Chetti

International Partner:Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD)

Housing: Camp Housing

Length of Service: 3 days with campers, 8 days total recommended

For information about this or other opportunities to serve God through International Ministries, please call 1-800-222-3872 ext 2366 or email.