International Ministries

No (More) Room in the Inn

December 3, 2011 Journal
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Many of you know that our accommodations in South Sudan have been both expensive and somewhat lacking. Living in a half container ‘hotel’ room, and having to pack up and move in and out when travelling or when space is no longer available, has resulted in making working and living in South Sudan even more challenging.

We deeply appreciate those who have been praying for us, and would like for you to know that as of Dec. 5th, we will be moving into a bedroom in a Guest House that will be ‘permanently’ ours. No more packing up and locking trunks, changing rooms, and not being able to settle in.   It is a small single room but there is a window, cement walls, a fresh coat of paint, and will be ours.   A permanent room in Sudan….is a good start!