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May 2012 Mission Personnel

November 18, 2011 Page


Lori and Matt Mann
Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world making it a target country for pedophiles and human traffickers. Lori and Matt work with street children, slum children, and girls who have been sold or are at high risk of being sold to human traffickers.  In order to help protect and restore these children, they are involved in five main interventions: a day time drop-in center for street and slum children;  residential care for boys who were brought off the street and for girls who were victims of human trafficking or are at high risk of being victims; a scholarship program for children who would otherwise be sent to the city to beg; and raising community awareness about issues such as child abuse, child exploitation, and human trafficking.  In Thailand, Matt is also involved in leadership development and rural community development.

Emerson and Ivy Wu
Emerson and Ivy Wu have been endorsed by IM to serve as Development Workers in Macau, a special administrative region of China, with the supportive partnership of Evangelize China Fellowship. For a long time, Macau was known for its gambling casinos. Drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, crime and prostitution were rampant in this region near Hong Kong in which less than 1% of the population is Christian. However, under the new government, many positive changes are taking place. Better education and social services are two major areas that are creating opportunities for the younger generation. The Wus will strive to bring a new spirit to Macau by serving in outreach to youth and college students and in the orphanage’s after-school program.


Duane and Marcia Binkley
Duane and Marcia serve Burmese ethnic Karen and Chin refugees both in the United States and Thailand. They work with the tens of thousands of refugees coming to the U.S. while continuing to work with those still remaining in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border. The Binkleys are jointly appointed by International Ministries and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. You can read more about their ministry here:

Glen and Rita Chapman
Glen teaches pastoral students at the Kikongo Pastor's Institute where he is professor of Old Testament, African religions, and Baptist distinctives. He also uses a PPC (powered parachute) to fly to villages where he shows evangelistic and educational videos.  Rita directs and teaches at the Women’s School, where she develops course materials for the pastors’ wives. She teaches illiterate women to read, and also serves as an active member and counselor of the parish women's fellowship.

Ann Clemmer
Ann and Bill Clemmer recently relocated to the new country of South Sudan after 16 years of service in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Bill serves as country representative for IM's partner, IMA World Health, working with a team of 35 men and women from six African nations to help establish and reinforce primary health care services for an estimated 4 million persons in two of South Sudan's states (Jonglei and Upper Nile), many who are returning refugees from the northern sector of the country.  Ann supports communication, logistics, and the needs of Sudanese health care workers in various training and educational settings.   Although there are many unanswered questions in terms of lodging, security, and access to new areas, Ann and Bill only have to look at God's provisions and blessings in the past to know that His faithfulness covers their tomorrows.

Kristy Engel
Kristy tries to live by her saying, "Do what you can, with what you've got, in the moment you're given" through her medical work in the Dominican Republic. She uses her nursing skills at the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana, ministering to Haitians who are among the poorest in the country. She travels daily to batey (work camps near sugar cane) villages and barrios providing medical attention where so many have been unwilling or unable to offer these services.  Kristy helps to coordinate the medical and volunteer teams that visit the Good Samaritan Hospital as well as mentor individuals or university students who seek international experiences. Her two dogs, Kobe and Sasha, are also part of her ministry by being her "patients" as she demonstrates appropriate oral hygiene by brushing their teeth and talking about caring for our bodies.

Chuck and Ruth Fox
Chuck teaches Akha pastors at the Akha Churches of Thailand (ACT) training center. He also visits and works with them in their villages and places of ministry, gaining insight into their culture and how it influences their work. He works with villagers in areas of drug rehabilitation, development projects, and healthcare to improve their quality of life.  Ruth is the principal at the Family Learning Center, a small international school in Chiang Rai, which serves missionary kids and is open to all. Ruth also ministers to Akha women through the Akha Craft program and women's ministries, and helps children receive an education through STEP (Student Tuition Expense Program) funds.

Nancy and Steve James
After 14 years of medical mission work at the Good Samaritan Hospital, (Steve as a doctor, and Nancy as a nurse), the Haitian Baptist Convention invited the James to return to Haiti to help with medical assistance to Christian faith based community health centers. Working as medical consultants, the James’ serve as members of local Christian heath teams providing physical, mental, and spiritual health in Jesus’ name to those suffering in darkness. They feel blessed to be a part of God’s healing work in the world as they work jointly with IM and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Debbie Kelsey
Debbie will be at the conference in a unique capacity as the coordinator  planning how the missionaries and international guests will share their stories of "call" during the programs Monday - Thursday.  Debbie and Jim Kelsey assist the Evangelical Christian Baptist Union of Italy in ministry to English-speaking immigrant, particularly African, congregations. This includes local church ministry and theological and ministerial training of leaders.  The Kelseys work to welcome new arrivals to Italy who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families.  They work with the immigrant churches and train immigrant pastors to strengthen their fellowships and broaden their ministries.  Debbie and Jim help in training Italian congregations in multicultural matters and missions. Debbie also ministers to young women at-risk or victimized by human trafficking and prostitution.

Kim Kushner Dominguez
For the past two years, Kim has served in El Salvador where she completed an assessment of strengths, challenges, and areas for growth in leadership development within the unique Salvadoran context. Kim supported initiatives to empower women and youth through leadership development, and she assisted churches in exploring economic development and sustainability solution for social outreach ministries.  Kim is about to begin a second assessment in collaboration with two Baptist partner conventions in Cuba.  The rapid pace of church growth in Cuba, makes assessing leadership development essential. Because of the complexity of residency permits in Cuba, Kim’s ministry base will be Valley Forge, PA and she will travel back and forth to Cuba.

Jill and Mike Lowery
The Lowerys work with the Congo Baptist Community (CBCO) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Jill is involved in mission education and women's ministries, including the Mitendi Women’s Center, and youth work. Jill works with the women of CBCO, organizing activities in Kinshasa and throughout Western Congo. Mike is a professor and administrator at the Pastor's Institute in Kikongo. He teaches New Testament and prepares pastors for rural ministry in the Bandundu region of Congo. He’s also the Mission Treasurer, maintains the email communication system and computers in Kikongo, and pastor of the International Protestant Church of Kinshasa.

Mario Morales
Mario serves God at The House of Hope and the Baptist Seminary in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He strategically works in leadership development by Identifying, Equipping and Empowering, Jesus-like young leadership, enabling them to transform their communities and local churches.  The House of Hope is a multi-faceted integral mission ministry in Cochabamba that serves the needs of women, children, pastors and families both from rural and urban areas. At the seminary, Mario teaches systems of self sustainability, religion-culture and eclessiomissiology.

Debbie and Keith Myers
Debbie and Keith are newly endorsed missionaries to serve in Central, Mexico. They will partner with the Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico, AR (CICEM) to provide pastoral accompaniment to the indigenous churches. This training consists of training pastors, church leaders, youth leaders and teachers for the children. They will travel to six different areas outside of Puebla to serve and empower the people.

Adalia and Ray Schellinger
Adalia and Ray work with the women of the "Dios Con Nosotros" Baptist Convention of Northern Baja California, Mexico. Together with the women of Tijuana, they have begun Deborah's House, a ministry to victims of domestic violence. Deborah's House brings together a diverse mix of services, including crisis intervention, healthcare, shelter for victims, counseling and education for both victims and abusers in these situations. Adalia and Ray also offer workshops to all churches in the region on alternatives to violence, self-esteem, relationship skills, and communication.
Corenne and Phil Smith
In Brazil, poor youth often choose life on the streets to escape the poverty of the slums and, more often, to escape abusive families. On the streets, they are exposed to HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, child prostitution, substance abuse, and violence.  Corenne and Philip minister to children who are part of Hope Unlimited, a residential program that rescues homeless street children and youth ranging in age from 8 to 18. The program provides guidance, education, and training for future employment. All students have completed a paid internship and are employed before they leave the program.

Dagoberto and Dilia Zelaya
Dagoberto and Dilia Zelaya are responsible for developing and supervising the Fe Vida Nueva (New Life Faith) children’s home program in Azacualpa, Honduras. They provide for all the children’s basic needs such as food, education, health, and spiritual. This allows Dagoberto and Dilia to minister to the holistic development of the children. Also, they will work in the Iglesia Vida Nueva (New Life Church) collaborating with the associate pastors as well as providing supervision of the ministry.


Lauran Bethell – Human Trafficking
Lauran has been working for more than 20 years on behalf of and caring for women who have been exploited and abused. She has served as a global consultant since 2001, working with grassroots organizations, encouraging the development of new projects dealing with the issues of prostitution, trafficking in persons and other forms of abuse and exploitation. She serves on the Anti-Trafficking Committee of the European Baptist Federation, has collaborated with a broad spectrum of governmental, NGOs, faith-based groups and organizations and in 2005 was honored by the Baptist World Alliance with the Human Rights Award for her ministry.  While based in The Netherlands, she travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, teaching, training and consulting.

Dan Buttry – Peace & Justice
Dan works with IM missionaries and national church partners around the world to deal constructively with conflict situations. These conflicts may be social and political conflicts within a country, or within the national church bodies that negatively impact Christian witness.  He trains church and community leaders in conflict transformation skills, consults with church leaders about conflicts plaguing them, and even mediates between conflicting parties.

Stan Slade - Theological Education
Stan works with church leaders around the world to help them become more effective servants of Jesus Christ.  He teaches in open-air workshops for those with little formal schooling or income, and also in high-tech classrooms for those with advanced degrees and notebook computers.  Stan's passion is to help others encounter the transforming message of Scripture through inductive Bible study.  He travels the world teaching in various programs and accepts invitations to help local theological educators reflect on new ways that God may be calling them to approach the task of preparing effective church leaders.
Walt White – Cross-Cultural Evangelism
Walt's vision is to see people from the major historical religions come to know God in all his fullness through Jesus Christ and to live in obedience to Christ in a way that is faithful to God and honors their culture. He seeks to engage in effective and sustainable evangelism that results in transformed lives and communities. Walt formerly served in Bangladesh and is involved in ongoing development projects and leadership development in Bangladesh. He coaches missionary teams and individuals in several countries and teaches seminars in cross-cultural evangelism for partner churches, organizations, and sister denominations seeking to reach believers of the major historical religions. He is also building a network of American Baptist churches and persons committed to the same goals, seeking to work with partner organizations and churches.  Walt is also a resource for American Baptist congregations, particularly those who wish to understand Islam and some of the forces shaping world events today, and who wish to develop a response shaped by the love of Christ.