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Warmly Received!

November 10, 2011 Journal
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Thank you for your prayers folks!  God is so very gracious and faithful!  After many long years we are so blessed to be back in North East India! 

Our travels back to India went smoothly, the only glitch we encountered was unanticipated luggage requirements that resulted in fees we’d not planned on.  Otherwise, all went well.  We were able to spend a day in Delhi, which we spent trying to adapt to the day/night time reversal.  (I guess that means we napped!)  That was really needed, as our pre-departure schedule was pretty intense with travel and ministry upto the week before.  That final week we moved from the parsonage where the First Baptist Church in Farmington had so graciously permitted us to stay to Katie’s parents in Springfield, then returned to Peoria to spend the weekend with our three adult children.  That final night in the US our kids all came down to Katie’s parents to bid us farewell the next morning….only some of them didn’t arrive until 2:00 AM…. So since we were up all night prior to departure the day of rest in Delhi was especially appreciated!

We did reach Guwahati safely, encountering only a few hours of delay in the final leg of the journey from Delhi to Guwahati.    There were two surprises encountered upon arrival in Guwahati!  The first was the heat!!  Of course we’ve lived here before and have experienced the sauna-like conditions of the tropics, but we believed we were arriving during the ‘cool season’.  Generally from the beginning of October the temps drop significantly.  Unfortunately, this year that much anticipated drop had not yet occurred.  So we disembarked unto the tarmac in mid 90’s temps and high humidity!   We were definitely overdressed, as even Delhi was cooler than that.   

Our next surprise was more pleasant, as it warmed our hearts.     Unbeknownst to us the CBCNEI officers and staff had gathered for a welcome luncheon at the campus guesthouse canteen.   With joy we reconnected with the personnel and caught up on family news.  And then collapsed again – gratefully in Debbie Mulneix’s residence on the CBCNEI campus – to prepare for the adventure of exploring the city of Guwahati in search of our home for the upcoming years.

We know God has a place prepared for us for His purposes and that in His time we will be there!  Thanks for keeping us in prayer as we forge ahead anticipating more of God's grace and surprises!


Katie & Taku