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World Mission Offering

November 7, 2011 Journal
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The American Baptist Churches World Mission Offering is used to support the work of American Baptist missionaries and our partner churches around the globe. In other words, this offering is your support of the ministries of families like mine. Many of you know I am an ABC Missionary Kid. I have lived in Latin America my entire life, and just moved to the United States two and a half years ago.

My parents' work for the last ten years has been with Deborah's House, a shelter for victims of Domestic Violence in Tijuana, Mexico. While I was in Tijuana one of my major jobs was to help take care of children at the shelter. One of the first of these children I took care of was a five year old girl named "Marisol" (name was changed to protect confidentiality). I grew very fond of her, she would follow me wherever I would go. One Sunday we took the families to a local church, and after the service I was taking the children on a little tour waiting for our parents to tell us it was time to leave. As we walked into the church's office, Marisol asked me what this weird looking machine was on the corner. And I explained to her it was a fax machine, and I told her that this machine was used to send people notes on pieces of paper. So then I saw her pull out a piece of paper and grab one of the pens in the office and write very carefully. She then gave me her little note and said: “Send this to my dad”. As I read the note I could not help but to tear up, it said: “Daddy, I wish you could love mommy as much as I love you. I wish you could start treating her the way she deserves to be treated”. This note truly touched me; it was the first time I heard one of the kids from the shelter talk about their father. I told Marisol that I would make sure her dad received the note, and he did. Marisol's dad and mom never got back together, but both of their lives were greatly affected by the work of Deborah's House. Marisol and her Mom and brother are doing very well, and her father after much counseling is trying to learn how to be the father she needs.

It is because of stories like Marisol's that I have decided to go into Social Work and Psychology. My heart has been touched so many times by these children, and I want to learn to help them overcome the abuse they have lived through to have the kind of life God wants for them.

Some of my very best friends, people who I instantly relate to, are other ABC missionary kids. I know the ministries they and there families are doing, and I am amazed by changes that they are helping to make in people's lives. They offer hope in a world that, for far too many people, seems hopeless. Many of my “MK” friends are preparing themselves to go into similar career paths, because we all want to help those who have impacted us so greatly with their stories.

Because of your support of the World Mission Offering, the ministry of Deborah's House, and ABC mission work around the world, is a vital extension of the ministry of this church. We become an extension of your hands in Tijuana to Marisol and the hundreds of other children we have taken into our shelter and into our hearts.

Thanks for the support you have given to us and our ministry, and to the ministries of my MK friends. In many ways I tell you, truly, you are training up the next generation, to carry on the incredible tradition of ABC mission, bringing Christ's hope everywhere we can reach,