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November 30, 2007 Article


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“Spoke in communist countries at the invitation of government officials.”

Would you appoint someone with that background to be a missionary? You probably would, if you knew Dr. Bill Thomas and the rest of the story.

Bill and Marion Thomas were American Baptist missionaries in Europe from 1972 until 1979. During that time, he was invited to then East Germany to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. and civil rights. Bill knew the officials wanted the talks to advance their own political agenda, but he was determined to advance Christ. He spoke not only about racial discrimination, but also about the Christian values guiding Dr. King and much of the civil rights movement. The communist officials had unwittingly enabled him to proclaim the gospel.

Bill and Marion have continued to live in Strasbourg, France. Since then Bill has collaborated in evangelism with a wide range of ministries including Overseas Crusades, Inc., Luis Palau, the India Church Grown Mission, the Norwegian Baptist Union and many local churches. His work has been coordinated through the Bill Thomas Evangelistic Association (BTEA).

At the invitation of the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France, International Ministries has re-appointed Bill for missionary service. Bill will work with the Federation to train pastors and lay people in evangelism. He will also be able to accept invitations for evangelistic preaching and training elsewhere in the world. Bill preaches in French, English and also in Spanish, which he first learned as a child in East Harlem, New York.

Bill has been jointly appointed by IM and the BTEA. Financial support for his ministry may be sent to IM. Invitations for him to conduct evangelistic preaching missions in the US and Puerto Rico should be sent directly to Dr. Bill Thomas at .

You are invited to meet Bill and Marion this fall at IM’s World Mission Conference in Canandaigua, NY, October 12-14 during which Bill’s commissioning service will be held.

Reid Trulson