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July 24, 2011 Journal
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This June our last Missionary Kids in Congo graduated from High School. Throughout the years we have had many missionary families with many kids who have spent most of their lives in Africa and who now must move on to study in the States. This year is significant because the last two of these MKs from American Baptist missionaries, Cassie Clemmer and Matthew Lowery, are moving on.

This is significant for many reasons. Cassie and Matt have know each other since they were in first grade, and maybe before. They've been through wars and evacuations and a lot of other adventures together. They've forged a life long friendship with some pretty important and significant memories. They are the end of a long line of MKs who have grown up in and love the Congo.

As I reflected on their lives in Congo and their new lives to come, I couldn't help but wonder if there will be new MKs to replace them. We still need missionaries in Congo and we need young missionaries who are willing to come and stay awhile. We need families that will build memories in Africa with Congolese men and women. We need folks who are willing to pray and ask God for the strength and the patience to lay down long-term roots in the Congo.

Jill and I are in the States for the next year. We will be reconnecting with friends and family, churches and supporters. We hope to help Matthew to get established here as he begins his studies. But, we are also on the lookout for the future missionaries for Congo. Could that be you? Would you be willing to pray about it?

Jill and I will be in the States until June of 2012. We'd love to see you and visit your church to tell about what we see God doing in Congo. Please ask your pastor or regional missions representative to get in touch with us through International Ministries.

We ask your prayers for a fruitful year on Home Assignment and for the future missionaries who will serve in the Congo.

God's Blessings,

Mike and Jill Lowery