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Ruth Vindas chosen as seminary president!

July 2, 2011 Journal
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Dear friends,

 Some people make all the struggles of ministry worthwhile and serve as a constant source of celebration and inspiration. One of those people for me is Ruth Vindas, a friend and colleague who many of you know or have heard about for years. When she began to work with Ediciones Lumbrera, our publishing ministry, in 1998, she was shy and quiet, unsure of herself, struggling to write Bible lessons.

Gradually, we watched her blossom, discover her call to ministry, enroll at the Latin American Bíblical University, and become our star biblical scholar in Lumbrera. She helped establish an admirable reputation for Baptist students at the University. She graduated with her Bachalaureate degree and went on for her Licenciate. I became her advisor for the graduation thesis and was amazed by her writing ability, light years from what it had been in 1998. She was invited to be the first woman pastor of the Five Corners Baptist Church (Cinco Esquinas), where she has served for the past 4 years.

 Last week I was privileged to preach at Ruth’s instalation service as the new President (Rectora) of the Baptist Seminary of the Costa Rican Baptist Federation (where Gary Baits teaches).  Everyone present was thrilled with Ruth’s election, and she confessed to me that she felt overwhelmed by the confidence placed in her and the high expectations. She has earned enormous respect in the denomination. 

 I met with her a few days later to talk about her new challenges. The Seminary is a bit fragile and disoriented,  but she expressed a clear vision of where she wants to take it, a vision that I have been longing for during many years. Our churches have a shortage of pastors, and in addition, are hungry for leadership training for specific ministries.

 Then, she began to talk about how great an influence I had been in her life, not only supporting and encouraging her, but also teaching her specific skills that helped her to be such an outstanding student and leader.  As she expressed her gratitude, love, and respect, I felt humbled and honored to have been used by God in her life.

 I am deeply grateful to all of you who help to make my ministry possible.  I ask that you will continue to pray. I am still 30% short of the financial support that I need by October to continue in Costa Rica. If you would like to contribute toward my ministry, you can go to the IM website and make a monthly or one-time donation. Thank you so much!