International Ministries

28 Missionaries Available to Speak in Your Church or Region

June 20, 2011 News
Over the next few weeks, many missionaries are arriving for their time of “US and Puerto Rico Assignment”.  They’ve been on the field of service for the last few years and will spend the next 3 – 12 months living here. 


During their time here, the missionaries will be traveling and deepening relationships with the people and churches who have loved and supported them the past few years.   The missionaries are also interested in meeting new people and churches, and inviting them to become part of their network. 


Sundays fill up very quickly, especially in September, October and November.  Consider inviting a missionary in the winter and spring months, or ask them to participate in a mid-week event.  Why not invite a missionary to:

-         Speak during dessert at an international potluck supper

-         Meet for breakfast or lunch with the mission committee

-         Do a live call via Skype

-         Lead workshops at a Valentine’s couples retreat

-         Give the evening devotions on the youth camping trip

-         Be the “Intermission” speaker between features at a Movie Night

-         Go with your church or region on a local mission trip

-         Participate in fundraising activities at your church or in your region like a bike trip, CROP walk for hunger, road races, etc.  

-         Share their vision at a small, intimate dinner party for 8 people where they can answer questions and pray together.

-         Help your church look at your community and evaluate mission opportunities like the missionary does in their country of service

-         Speak at an international dinner featuring food from their country and invite 2-3 dozen pastors from your region (great option for a region with lots of smaller churches)

-         Be the Bible study leader at a women’s or men’s retreat in your region

-         Be the Story Teller at a Vacation Bible School based around their country of service


Here’s the list of missionaries in the US and Puerto Rico starting this summer:

Duane & Marcia Binkley        Thailand

Ann & Bruce Borquist           Brazil

Kim Brown                         Thailand

Glen & Rita Chapman           Democratic Republic of Congo

Ann & Bill Clemmer              Democratic Republic of Congo

Chuck & Ruth Fox               Thailand

Sue Hegarty                         Cuba

Gordon & Lee Ann Hwang     Japan

Nancy & Steve James          Haiti

Patti & Tim Long                  Baja Mexico

Jill & Mike Lowery               Democratic Republic of Congo

Lori & Matt Mann                Development work in Laos & Thailand

Deb Mulneix                        Development work in India

Kit Ripley                            Thailand

Corenne & Phil Smith           Brazil  

David & Leslie Turley           Okinawa Japan


If you’d like to invite one of these missionaries to speak in your church;

1)     Contact your local ABC region office. 

They have the missionaries schedules and know if they’re already going to be in your state.  You can find the email and phone number for your region’s office online at their website. 


2)     Email the missionary directly. 

Go to the IM homepage at  Hover your mouse over PEOPLE WHO SERVE.  Find the name of the missionary and click on it to open their profile page.  Scroll down to the green bar click on CONTACT to send them a message directly. 


3)     Contact Ruthann Stevenson, the Mission Partnership Coordinator. 

Email her at: