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A Fresh Berean Journey

June 15, 2011 Journal
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David Muturi is the bright, capable young Kenyan who anchors the leadership team for Berean Safari, the annual journey into Scripture that I've been privileged to be part of for the last 4 years.                   

It is a joy to work with David and the rest of the team, as they skilfully bring together people from many cultures and places in an event that never ceases to encourage and inspire all who participate in it.  I haven't seen the final registration list yet, but if this year is like others, there should be people from throughout East Africa as well as a smattering of countries throughout the rest of Africa and the world.  Together, we gather around the Bible and share our observations, hunches, insights, experiences and sense of the messages that God has for us through the ancient but ever-new Word.  It is a rich experience.

It can also be a tricky process to facilitate, since there is no way anyone can know all the backgrounds present... let alone catch the nuances as people share.  But catching those nuances and encouraging people as they discover, reflect and risk sharing their ideas with the group -- that lies at the heart of what I am called to do.  The fidelity we seek is double, both to the Biblical text, treated with integrity, and to the work of God's Spirit in the human beings the Spirit has brought together for this moment (also treated with integrity!).  Learning from them as well as with them is a wonderful opportunity and a real challenge.  Please pray that the Lord will give me ears to hear and an agile mind and heart to respond.

As I write, I am waiting for the first flight of the trip, from New York's JFK to Zurich, and then on to Nairobi.  Our study conference will begin on Sunday the 19th and continue for a week, at 7,500' above the equator, Nyahururu's Tabor Hill Retreat Centre.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey, and for making it possible!