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Urgent Need for Occupational, Physiotherapist, Special Education Teacher in Northwestern Thailand

May 30, 2011 Journal

Urgent need for one to two occupational therapists or a team of three occupational therapist/physiotherapist/special education teacher in October 2011 for 3 to 6 months, to serve rural villages in the hills of northwest Thailand with the Christian Center for the Development of People with Disabilities.  Will serve at the center which is located in Maesariang in northwest Thailand (a four hour bus drive from Chiang Mai) where there are about 25 developmently disabled children and adult outpatients.  Will travel in a 4WD vehicle with a team to rural hill-tribe villages in the districts surrounding Maesariang to treat a wide variety of developmentally disabled children and adults.  Travel will take from 30 minutes to several hours to serve up to 135 outpatients.  Overnight stay in villages may be needed to visit several villages in one trip.  

Requirement: Professional skills as a therapist with some experience and knowledge of how to work in underdeveloped areas.  Need to be culturally sensitive.  One month of learning Thai is required upon arrival.  TBMF (Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship) and CDPD (Center for Development of People with Disability) will work together for living arrangements in Chiangmai during that time.


Language Study Cost: Approximately $5 per hour to $8 per hour per person according to the class size.  The volunteer will stay in Chiangmai during the course of study then move to Maesariang. 


Housing Cost:  Approximately $170 per month in Chiangmai, then $135 per month in Maesariang.  The volunteer would have a mission house as her/his residence while living in Maesariang.


Daily living expenses: Approximately $20 per day in Chiangmai and $10 per day in Maesariang (include meals, water, laundry, and transportation).   



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