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December 2010 Letter

May 25, 2011 Journal
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God bless all of you with His peace, love and joy.  After a longtime absence from the media, I am writing a few lines just to let you know, I am very grateful with the family I have in the American Baptist Churches of USA and Puerto Rico.  During all this year of adjustment to a new culture, learning a new language, confronting difficult situations in my personal life and in my Ministry, I have felt your support, prayers and companionship. There are no words greater than THANKS and I LOVE YOU.

My time in Haiti has been a blessing.  My life and vision for life has been transformed.  I am used to seeing poverty and people in need, but it does not compare with the people of Haiti.  They are in need of food, clothing, shelter, health care and many other basic needs, but above all they need to hear the Word of God. They need Jesus. They need to know that the Power of God is greater than that of the Evil. They need to believe that in Jesus and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit they have the power to transform their homes, neighborhoods, and cities.   As missionaries we have a huge challenge ahead of us, but we are not alone.  God is already making ways so His Word is spread and people’s faith in Jesus is being strengthened. During this year I have witnessed miracles of provisions, healings, protection and the most important salvation, people are coming back to Jesus. I also have a word of thanks and recognition to my colleagues working in the areas of health and education.  They are AWESOME, and I would like to express my love and gratitude to all of them.

I want to share that my father is recovering well after his second surgery on December 12.  He is much weaker now, but thank God he did not lose any movement of his extremities. His memory and speech skills are fine and his vision did not suffer major changes. Doctors said he is a Walking Miracle, so I have being praising the Lord even more than before.  After my father’s surgeries, my mom went into an Anxiety Crisis and we have to deal with her high/low blood pressure and now Influenza. I am not having a great end of the year, but I am joyful in the Lord. He is good and He has proved that his Mercies endures forever…I love the LORD.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I pray we all can experience God’s peace, love and Joy while we remember the reason of our faith, the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Have a huge hug from me and many blessings.