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Village2Village a Baptist Partner in Uganda

May 16, 2011 Article


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Village2Village Project is a comprehensive community-based Christian ministry helping to provide educational, medical, and social care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. Village2Village is a regionally validated ministry of the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, and a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) recognized by the Government of Uganda. International Ministries is seeking to support and encourage this ministry.
From very humble beginnings a little over five years ago, Village2Village is growing in the holistic services it offers, all to fulfill its mission  "to provide comprehensive, empowering, respectful and compassionate care for vulnerable children and their families, one life at a time." From providing care to a little group of nine children, now to more than eighty children and their families!
Village2Village is seeking to work with Ugandans in providing a culturally sensitive and appropriate response to the devastation caused by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. As this scourge continues to ravage communities and destroy families, its impact on children is most debilitating and heart-wrenching!  Village2Village works with others who are bringing love and care to Ugandan children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.