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Celebrating 20 Years of Ministry!

April 6, 2011 Journal
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Dear friends and family,

It’s been awhile since our last newsletter, our sincere apology for not having kept you up –to-date. Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP) continues to minister to the ethnic tribal groups in northern Thailand. In May this year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the program.


What has happened in the past 20 years?


1. Over 250 villages received clean running water right in their villages, About 50,000 villagers and children are enjoying this luxury.

2. Nearly 600 miles of PVC pipes are buried over the mountains and remote jungle of northern Thailand.

3. Thousands of coffee trees have been planted in most of these villages resulting in a production of over 180 tons of green coffee for overseas markets as well as local markets.

4. Over 100 work teams have been coming to work alongside ITDP in building water systems, latrines, clinic, school, dining hall, the list goes on!


All praise and thanks be to God for opening doors and providing opportunities so that we can reach these villagers, and our gratitude to all of you for your faithfulness in supporting us financially and spiritually. We thank you! We are expecting five work teams between March and November this year, and look forward to several returning team members who have been coming almost every year for the past 16 years. Let us know if you are interested in bringing a team from your church or from several churches.


Family news


Mike continues his travels to different parts of the globe as part of his Global consultancy capacity, thankfully mostly in Asia lately except for the last trip in January to Philly where the snow took control and kept the global team from accomplishing their agenda.


Becky keeps busy at the office and Lanna Café shop, receiving and processing coffee orders – in between tending to Ryan and Robert’s daily activities. The most rewarding thing is that Becky gets to sit on Mike’s chair at ITDP’s office while he’s away! Ryan still loves painting and sculpturing with a teacher 3 days a week. He also enjoys making bread with mom on weekends. Robert was on the honor roll last semester and is doing his best to keep up with his studies and maintain his position as one of the most valuable football (soccer) players for the Varsity team.


Prayer requests

1. We will reach our goal of financial support. It is only 48% of the needed amount at this writing.

2. Safe travel for ITDP staff to and from villages.

3. At least 3 more teachers at Ma Oh Jo school (in addition to the 4 current teachers) in order to adequately teach the 140 students from K through 4th grade.

Blessings to each and everyone,

Mike and Becky